Our Mission

Elysium Computer Systems Incorporated is committed to delivering cutting edge products across the globe to enhance customers’ lifestyles as well as the environment. Our company will be the most lucrative electronics company in the virtual world and strive to win the national business plan competition.

Our Story

Elysium Computer Systems, Inc., in Knoxville, Tennessee, was first established in November 2006. Located at 8352 Kingston Pike in Bearden High School, Elysium offers advanced solar-powered products including phones, laptops, gaming devices, tablets, robots, and solar panels. Seventeen dedicated employees run Elysium and provide our customers with top-quality products and exceptional customer service. With Project Sol, our solar initiative, Elysium hopes to stay ahead of the market and keep our story going.

Our Impact

Elysium cares about the environment. With our strategy of full cost pricing, Elysium is dedicated to solving the global environmental crisis. Deciding to take our business farther than just electronics, we have partnered with Black Bear Solar Institute. Located in Townsend, Tennessee, BBSI is a local non-profit company who owns the most advanced Black Bear rehabilitation center in the world. Both Elysium and BBSI look to enhance the world with solar technology. This is just a small part of Elysium’s huge impact.